In that early morning hour

Of the only night

That winter chose to bite

The wheels left tracks

In a thin layer of snow

From the back door past

The reach of the porch light

Into the dark

Of little consequence

A business transaction


With an appointment made

For later

In the day

To seal the fate

Of the broken jar

The gurney carried

But that you



It was the tracks

In the snow that continued on

In my mind

As I drove home

The singer sang

“Let Jesus lead you,

Let Jesus lead you,

Let Jesus lead you

All the way

All the way 

From earth to heaven

Let Jesus lead you

All the way”


Your face

Your reflection

On the rolling surface of the water


Through the torrents of rain

And the churning gale

The notion of a darkest hour

Before some supposed dawn

Surfacing for a moment

Elusive at best

Leaving me here

This morning

Having learned only this lesson

That there is


A darker day

To come

While hope springs


So apparently

Does the darkness

That causes us

To yearn

For it

Or so it seems in this moment

When the instruments that I have

To aid my navigation

Are under water

Epilogue: This poem was written in a moment that has passed, but, that will likely return again and again. I’m learning that this journey is a descent with ever-changing slopes that is interrupted, at times, by flashes of God’s presence and a repeating reminder that, when we finally do hit bottom, He’ll be there to carry us up to heights never before experienced in a place where depth doesn’t exist.

In The Words of Emily Dickinson

The bustle in a house

The morning after death

Is solemnest of industries

Enacted upon earth, –

The sweeping up the heart

And putting love away

We shall not want to use again

Until eternity.