4 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: A Kevin Max Countdown Retrospective: “Get On Yer Bike”

Kevin Max’s newest project, BROKEN TEMPLES, will officially be released on March 10. I’ll be counting down the remaining days to the release of the album on this page with a post each day exploring and celebrating, in no particular order, some of his prior creative ventures.


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Somebody new to the music of Kevin Max, or somebody who knows him only based on his work with dcTalk and Audio Adrenaline, may not be aware of the edgier and more experimental music that he released from 2008-2010 on releases such as CRASHING GATES and COTES D’ARMOR. Lyrically and musically, Max stretched out the landscape that listeners had grown used to hearing by diving deeper into the valleys of life’s experience while simultaneously reveling in the lack of constraints afforded to him as an independent artist. It is, in fact, this aspect of his music that appeals to so many that have grown tired of the worn-out clichés and generic phrases that characterize much of our culture as a whole, let alone the Christian subculture that exists in America today. He was less concerned with playing it safe than he was with pushing the envelope. Today’s feature, “On Yer Bike,” (from COTES D’ARMOR) is a straight-forward rock and roll kick at the confines of those who’ve sought to box so many aspects of our lives up into neat, tidy packages. You’ll likely never hear “On Your Bike,” or any of the other tracks from either of the aforementioned releases, on mainstream Christian radio, but, they represent an element of the human existence that, for many, has been essential in their own personal prodigal journeys: a boundary-testing season after which many of us hit a breaking point and realize how helpless we are to find peace on our own.  Max has described the theme of his forthcoming album BROKEN TEMPLES as being an acknowledgement the role that our brokenness plays in “allowing the light to find its way in.” I’m thankful, for his sake, that it has. I’m thankful for our sake that he’s releasing an album about it.


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Review: Crashing Gates by Kevin Max (2008)

Crashing Gates is a formidable snapshot of just how much Kevin Max has developed as a true artist to be reckoned with since the long gone days of dc Talk. The EP shares some thematic ties with The Imposter (Kevin Max, 2005), like the topic of the apocalypse for example (“Out Of The Wild”), but this recording has raised the bar to a new level with Max’s tactful and intelligent lyrics and fresh songwriting.
“Future Love Song” and “Baby, I’m Your Man” both feature infectious melodies that refuse to stop reverberating in the brain of the listener for some time after the song has finished playing.
The guitar work on “Out Of The Wild,” beautifully captures the desperate and desolate tone that one might expect to witness in end-time America while the bridge provides an exquisitely bittersweet change-up in mood and tempo that, somehow, fits the song perfectly.
Another common thread between The Imposter and Crashing Gates is the song “Beautiful Mind” which as been redone with acoustic treatment and a more personal and desperate vocal tone for Crashing Gates. The new version, in my opinion, is an improvement over the original because it features a less-polished and more sincere, personal feel.
Overall, Crashing Gates is a landmark release for Max that should finally help old dc Talk fans to get off the dc Talk reunion bus and, instead, board Max Airways for a flight to an altogether different destination. In addition, Crashing Gates has the potential to break through to a wider mainstream audience where his artistic maturity can be appreciated and the subtle tact of his lyrics can simultaneously coax listeners to ask more questions about what they believe and who they are being lead by.
Crashing Gates indeed.