Morning Walk

Bantering about
What is right and what is good
Rose out of bed and now walking in the sun
Contemplating propogandic logic that seems to make sense
Still trying to grasp where I fit in or if I fit in at all
Alone yet accompanied
On a meandering path
Sweat drenched
But relieved

What Do I Need To Be Saved From?

We are all capable of evil. From the faint thought tinged with disdain to a pre-meditated act of murder, circumstances, environmental factors, self-serving motives, and fear spawn evil thoughts from the heads and evil deeds from the hands of all of us on a daily basis. This much is human nature and it originated in a garden where people were given the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Without a moral standard, what can be considered immoral? The presence in our culture of horrendous acts, scared people, and hate-filled words, and our collective dislike for such things, is a clear indication that both good and bad exist in this world.

Much like gravity’s pull, sin has a profound affect on our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. Without the righteousness of God (manifested in the life of Jesus) serving as a guide, the persistent pull of humankind’s sin nature will drive each of us into the ground.

Being “saved” (as much as I dislike the overused cliche) is all about realizing our individual inabilities to resist engaging in people-hurting, sinful activities, and, instead, humbly turning to Jesus for a better answer and a real standard for living

As long as people fail to live their lives for God, they will be living for themselves and people living for themselves can only be certain of one thing: death.