I feel like I’ve been caught in a slow motion reel lately. Kind of like trying to steer a car with a horribly loose steering mechanism. I see the scenery pass me by and I know that I should have turned back there, but, I can’t seem to change the direction of the car.

I’ve become more aware, lately, of the concept of hypocrisy. My life is tinged with its scent. Though, I do not proclaim verbally that I am any better off than anyone else, the default mental stance that I take often indicates the presence of my subconscious hypocrite.

Intellectually I know that the goal is to have consistency between my thoughts, my words, and my deeds. It seems, though, that when I get one of the three on track, the other two come unglued. On a good day maybe its just one that comes undone, but, still I fall short.

I can’t seem to get over the fact that the truth is right there for my eyes to read in black and white, but, that the devotional-procrastinating, lazy, sensation-driven hypocritical sinner in me wins every day.

I thank God that the sinner’s fall has been obliterated by the present, risen Jesus.