About Me

Male. 41. Father of two. Elementary school teacher. Novice artist and poet. Sincere recorder of my own thoughts and occasional responses to the thoughts of others…to the thoughts of God. Not even good enough to say that I have fallen short. I recognize the gaping hole that would exist if not for my dependence upon God who grants my every breath. I’ve left scars. I am scarred. But, He died to relieve me of the pain even before it existed. Now, since I’ve acknowledged His existence and the gift of peace and eternal life that He offers to all, my Hope is grounded securely. Blessed Grace.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Grace: I saw your comment on Pistol Pete’s blog about adoption. We went to China for our second daughter. If you want any info on international adoptions, let me know.

  2. “I’ve left scars. I am scarred.” Reading that took my breath away. It is so true. What a blessing to read this. Looking forward to reading through all your older posts and to see what you write in the future. Thank you.

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