Sad Astronauts and the Professor of Prolificacy

2022 has been quite the year of fine sounding music and beauty as taken in through the eyes and ears of the Meanders Blog staff (me) and this latest post on this humble and too infrequently updated blog is here to share the joy with you. I look forward to sharing more with you in future posts, but, not before I gush a bit about the critically-acclaimed debut from Sad Astronauts, ADULT FEARS.

Though officially released in December of 2021, ADULT FEARS easily claimed the title of the best album I’ve heard in a long, long time. Okay, so, that’s not officially a title, but, that’s what ADULT FEARS is!

A collaboration between Kevin Max and Erick Cole, the debut Sad Astronauts LP easily surpassed expectations with delicious riffs from from Cole plowing the soil from which the lyrics of Kevin Max flourished into a catchy and fresh exploration of identity, philosophy, faith, deconstruction, and levity. It even includes a delightful track in which Cole takes on lead vocals.

Kevin Max and Erick Cole

Supported by the rhythm of Peter Furler, and the multi-instrumentalist/production savvy of John Mark Painter, the album is nothing short of a tour de force that is most certainly worth the attention of your ears. Once you give it a spin or two, it will no doubt have you, like me, enthusiastically asking when they’ll begin work on the next Sad Astronauts album. But, as it turns out, Kevin Max has some other projects in the work that will come to fruition first.

Surely the most prolific member of the iconic group DC Talk, Kevin Max will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Old Bear Records on Kickstarter on August 18 that is rumored to potentially lead to four new albums in one shot!

Tentatively titled Winter Woods, Max shared on social media that it will explore classic Christmas carols. But, other releases in the realm of fantasy and horror movie soundtrack covers and a punk rock project are also rumored to be attached to the Kickstarter campaign. On top of the music releases, the Winter Woods Kickstarter will also likely tie in to what will be Max’s fifth annual Winter Woods concert in Nashville in December.

In addition, DC Talk bandmate TobyMac has teased that there will be a DC Talk reunion featuring Max and third DC Talk bandmate Michael Tait on a song on TobyMac‘s forthcoming album.

All in all, 2022 started with the bang in the form of ADULT FEARS and it’s a wonderful sound that, thankfully, can be played over and over. But, the trajectory is still on the rise for Max. So, be sure to stay tuned to Kevin Max‘s social media accounts and to the Meanders blog for more information as it materializes throughout the rest of 2022.

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