Sad Astronauts’ Debut ADULT FEARS Is Out There

Lead single, “This Is Gonna Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You,” from ADULT FEARS

From the first Peter Furler drum beat and Erick Cole guitar riff on “This Is Gonna Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You,” to the last Kevin Max vocal and John Mark Painter horn blast on “In Space No One Can Hear You Weep,” the songs of ADULT FEARS traverse a wide-open landscape of thought and sound. Stylistically, the Sad Astronauts debut showcases a smorgasbord of new wave, classic rock, alternative, funk, and pop influences that, together, transcend the limitations of genre or prior projects that these guys have worked on either together, or in adjunct relation to, over the years. Each track stands its own ground, baring hooks that continue to loop in the listener’s head long after the song is finished. Open borders around fluid waves of thought, journey, faith, deconstruction, hope, and relationship are threaded throughout the album, lyrically, but, all in a manner that reads more like an adventurous wayfarer’s journal than a holy text or political manifesto. The synergistic character that persists through each track on ADULT FEARS is exactly what has kept it in high rotation for me since the time it became available to those who participated in the project’s overwhelmingly successful crowd fund campaign that launched less than a year ago. Thankfully, it’s now available through all major digital music platforms to purchase and stream. More than a successful launch for Sad Astronauts, ADULT FEARS is out there!

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