Rose Blossom Punch Reunion — Celebrating The One Year Anniversary

My memories of so many moments from the evening of July 27, 2019 are crystal clear one year later. From my stuttering conversation with Poor Old Lu singer Scott Hunter while waiting in line to get in and my exchange with Jermey Enigk while walking through the door, to singing along at the top of my lungs to every single song played throughout the evening. I flew from North Carolina to Seattle and enjoyed an amazing couple of days soaking up the hospitality of my good friend Brian and his family before Brian and I made our way to the Sunset Tavern for the show.

Rose Blossom Punch officially released only one album up to that point, 1997’s EPHEMERE. In 1999 they recorded an EP called SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU, but, the project remained unmastered and never received a proper release until a campaign was launched to do so and the evening at the Sunset Tavern was the culminating moment of celebration for the release fo the newly mastered vinyl.

The show opened with a set by Subways on the Sun (featuring Poor Old Lu and Rose Blossom Punch bass player Nick Barber) and a short solo set from Aaron Sprinkle before seamlessly morphing into a Fair reunion. Having followed Sprinkle’s career since his days in Poor Old Lu, it was an absolutely transcendent thrill for me to be able to take in each of the songs that, for the past twenty-plus years, had been such a vital part of the soundtrack to my life experience.

I’m grateful for the video crew that was there that night to capture the event for posterity, but, it simply doesn’t do justice to the energy and joy that circulated throughout the room that evening. That said, I’m more than happy to watch it again…and again…

You can pick up the, now one-year-old SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU EPthrough Bandcamp. It’s worth way more than the pennies you’ll hand over for it.

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