The Clarity of Discord

So much of the discomfort, anxiety, and stress of everyday life in our world today is rooted in the fact that we don’t really know where we are headed and we don’t know what the economic and political ramifications of this pandemic are going to be a year from now. It’s difficult to paint a picture of what six months from now will look like. In fact, with social distancing guidelines evolving on a seemingly daily basis, my family is finding it difficult to make plans for a my daughter’s birthday just a couple of weeks from now.

One thing is clear, though: the apparent security we had in our normal pre-pandemic routines was a lot more fragile than we thought. With the Covid-19 death toll continuing to mount in the U.S. and elsewhere and massive unemployment, the lives of millions have been irreparably changed and we are now a world of people living on edge with mouths open, feeding on every super-sized serving of vitriol and political slander fed to us by equally and oppositely biased media outlets. People don’t know who to trust.

In fact, there is only one unbiased and objective Truth that we can trust and His name is Jesus. Despite the collective chaos that this world is now adrift in, His providence still stands. We need only to look back at the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis (chapters 27-50) to find a familiar narrative to relate to of a man who endured repeated trials and discomforts throughout his life, but, who remained faithful to God, trusting in His providence.

In my own life I can look back and clearly see how God has guided my life, threading together the missteps and trials of my past with His sure and unshakable hand. While I endured those difficult times, I couldn’t necessarily feel or see His hands at work, but, I can see now, without a doubt, that He was surely there with me. It is because of what I recognize, looking back, that I am at peace with where I am today, and whatever it is that I will face, with Jesus at my side, tomorrow.

We have a great deal to gain and only our burdens to lose by lifting our heads, looking outside of ourselves, loving others, and seeking the face of God. Everything else will fall into place when we start to seek Him first.

This Steven Curtis Chapman song has served as a great reminder for me to never lose stock of God’s faithfulness in my past as I, presently, step into the unknown.

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