Revisiting Larry Norman with Kevin Max

Some time ago I wrote about the launch of a Larry Norman tribute project being put together by Kevin Max (DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, solo music, poet). People who know me are no strangers to my longstanding support of him and his music and that first blog post I wrote about this project was consistent with my tendency to plug his work whenever I get the chance.

But, it wasn’t until just recently that I had the opportunity to sit down and pay attention to what some of the other contributors to this project had to say about the project, about Larry Norman, and the multifaceted manner in which this project is digging deep to communicate God’s love where it’s truly needed and in a manner that truly represents Jesus.

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out what Mike Norman, Larry Norman’s son, has to say about this project, about his father and, also, about Pole Gems, the non-profit that ten percent of all donations to this Larry Norman project will be going to.

In the time since my first post about this project, being hosted on the Generosity Rocks platform, a majority of the songs have been recorded and made available to preview and they don’t disappoint. Max is bringing in some great players and contributors for this project and, for just a little longer, you still have a chance to get in on the action and reserve your digital download, vinyl pressing, or even invest as an executive producer and spend time in the studio with Kevin during the recording process.

Check it out at Kevin’s artist page on Generosity Rocks


Norman and Max (circa 1990’s)



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