The Calhoun Way

2019 has been an exciting year, so far, for the two guys who started the band Citizen Way during their college days, Ben and Joshua Calhoun. Together they put out some great music that has impacted listeners for several years. Songs like “How Sweet The Sound,” “When I’m With You,” and “Bulletproof,” helped to raise the band’s profile up above the fray. Their keen pop sense, persistent touring, combined with a hearty gospel substance that can’t be denied, formed a strong foundation on which both Ben and Josh continue to build their ministries and music.


After the release of Citizen Way’s album 2.0 Josh Calhoun made a family-focused decision to move back to Wisconsin to serve his local church. But, he couldn’t quite hold the musical artist side of him at bay and, earlier this year, released THE A SIDES AND THE B SIDES, his first solo collection. The same talent that contributed to the formation of Citizen Way’s first two albums is alive and well on every track of the new album. Personal favorites such as “Darker Side,” and “Roses,” carry a substance and heart that rises above typical pop while other tracks like “This Is What I Know,” “Jesus Leading Me,” and “Wonderful Lord,” have clear hit potential. Also included is Josh’s new solo rendition of the Citizen Way hit, “How Sweet The Sound.”

While videos (such as the “Roses” clip below) have been slowly trickling out since 2018, the whole project has just recently been made available on most digital outlets. But, hard copies of the album, including vinyl, are available at his site, too.


On the heals of last year’s hit song, “Wavewalker,” Ben Calhoun and his bandmates in Citizen Way just released a brand new album called LOVE IS A LION which is chock-full of great tunes that are sure to carry the upward trajectory of Citizen Way higher and further. “Love Has Won,” seems like a destined classic, but, not just for the band. It  has a timeless quality to it, lyrically and musically, that I believe will make a significant mark on Christian music. I know it has already made a huge impression on me.

Each and every other track on the album stands tall on its own two feet. “The Lord’s Prayer,” released earlier this year, is a strong track that set a high standard and trajectory for LOVE IS A LION that is sure to continue soaring higher farther as other singles are released, “Love Has Won,” in particular.

Music aside, what I love most about both Ben and Josh are their hearts to serve and spread the hope of Jesus through their music. They are true musical missionaries with a heart to serve. They’ve both played significant roles in supporting ministries such as The Hands & Feet Project and their willingness to do so has afforded me multiple opportunities to witness them acting out what they sing about.

So, check out Josh’s new solo album and the new Citizen Way album, too. You won’t be disappointed.

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