Haiti Made: A Circle Of Trade with Real Impact

Sony and I together during a 2017 short term mission trip to Haiti with the Hands & Feet Project

Meet my friend Luc Sony. I first connected with him online because he is one of the supervisors at Haiti Made, a company specializing in quality handmade products developed to provide sustainable employment for young adults aging out of orphan care and Haitian parents working to keep their families together.

I’ve built a friendship with Sony over the past couple of years through messaging online and time spent together while in Haiti on a short term mission trip with the Hands & Feet Project and my friendship with him is one of the main reasons that I waste no opportunity to tell others about Haiti Made and show off some of the products that I have and enjoy on a daily basis.

Over the past several years Haiti Made has grown from just a non-profit with a handful of young adults developing their leather-working skills to a for profit company now employing about eighty people, young and old. For every single person employed by Haiti Made, multiple other lives in the impoverished nation of Haiti are being radically changed by simply having the opportunity to earn a living.


The Haiti Made wallet that is still in great shape after several years of daily abuse in and out of my back pocket.

Haiti is a place where children are routinely abandoned to orphanages or sold as restaveks (domestic house servants) as a way for parents to get enough money to care for their other children. In fact, it has been determined that 80% of orphans in Haiti actually have living relatives, but, the financial resources to raise the children are just not there.

Haiti Made is fighting against this cycle.

Haiti Made’s consistent growth  is linked directly to individual online purchases through HaitiMade.com, sales from Christian artists’ concert merchandise tables, sales at retail outlets, and from custom orders from organizations who partner with Haiti Made to have their logos stamped onto  items from Haiti Made’s line of leather products.

Every single Haiti Made product purchased makes a real, direct, and tangible positive impact on the lives of people living in extremely vulnerable circumstances. Yet, purchases of Haiti Made products are not a one-sided charitable exchange. The fine quality goods available for purchase are the end-products of years of development and hours of personal, handmade, quality.


Haiti Made employees at work during our 2017 short term mission trip to Haiti with the Hands & Feet Project

Whether you are an individual shopping for yourself or a representative of a group, company, or organization that is willing to take this chance to have a positive impact while also promoting your brand on handmade leather products ranging from keychains to journals, guitar straps, and bracelets, Haiti Made would love to engage in an equitable, dignified exchange with you that benefits both sides.

You will get the feel of quality, handmade leather products in your hands and Haitians, like my friend Luc Sony, will get to continue to make a living in a country where opportunities like those provided by Haiti Made simply don’t exist.


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