Kevin Max, Michael Tait, and TobyMac To Tour Again As DC Talk

As if there wasn’t enough excitement of late with the just-finished JESUS FREAK CRUISE, Kevin Max’s release of BLACK SHEEP OF THE FOLD, and his just-announced Larry Norman tribute project, it seems Mr. Max has some other big things on the horizon involving his DC Talk cohorts. Michael Tait (current Newsboys frontman) announced during an 98.5 KTIS interview today that DC Talk will be doing a limited run of shows in U.S. cities from 2020-2023!

“I’ve got news for you. Next year dc Talk will be doing a land cruise. We’ll be doing tour dates in the states, not announced yet, but it will be very few, but we’ll do them each year, ’20, ’21, and probably ’22. We’ll be around here somewhere eventually. It’s official we’ll be doing some dates. Yes.” –Michael Tait

This will mark the first time that DC Talk reunites on land and it will enable thousands of fans that have longed for a DC Talk reunion for years to get in on the action that, up until now, has only been witnessed by those who attended the 2017 and 2019 Jesus Freak Cruises. It seems that, with the limited touring schedule, each of the DC Talk members will have the flexibility to  maintain their own individual endeavors. But, that is purely speculation on my part. Regardless of the details, this news is sure to put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.

So, what can DC Talk fans do to pass the time until then?

Pick up Kevin Max’s BLACK SHEEP OF THE FOLD collection and read about his forthcoming Larry Norman tribute project

Catch Michael Tait with the Newsboys, with Kevin Max,  on tour 

Catch TobyMac on tour



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