This is your LAST CHANCE to get in on the ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH drive to vinyl for the long lost EP SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU. As of the time of this post, there are only a few hours to go!

The anticipation and promise of an official vinyl release of ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH’s nearly-left-behind EP SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU is exciting for sure! Snazzy perks available in the crowdfunding campaign for the long-lost EP include hand-written Aaron Sprinkle lyrics, a commemorative tee, poster, sticker, and test pressings. what’s also exciting is the just finalized, once-in-a-lifetime Subways On The Sun/Aaron Sprinkle/Fair/Rose Blossom Punch reunion show in Seattle (7/27/19)! In celebration of what is coming, the MEANDERS blog is counting down video clips from artists and bands associated with the history of Rose Blossom Punch: Poor Old Lu, Aaron Sprinkle, Subways On The Sun, and Fair.

Be a part of the long-awaited release of SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU at roseblossompunch.com

Purchase Tickets to the 7/27/19 Rose Blossom Punch vinyl release reunion concert featuring Rose Blossom Punch, Fair, Aaron Sprinkle, and Subways On The Sun

TODAY: A classic live Aaron Sprinkle acoustic set from 2001. Sprinkle will be performing a solo set along with sets by SUBWAYS ON THE SUN and reunion sets by FAIR and ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH at the upcoming 7/27 reunion/vinyl release show in Seattle.

10TOGO: Fair’s “Walking In My Sleep (Live)” (2010)

9TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Alright,” (2013)

8TOGO: Poor Old Lu’s “All Pretty For The TV” (1993)

7TOGO: Subways On The Sun’s “Tongues” (2018)

6TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Invincible” (2017)

5TOGO: Fair’s “Disappearing World” (2010)

4TOGO: Subways On The Sun’s “I Hope You Like Getting Old” (2018)

3TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Can’t Last Forever” (2013)

2TOGO: Fair Live 2004

1TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Not All Bad” (2013)



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