3TOGO: CELEBRATING ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Can’t Last Forever”


The anticipation and promise of an official vinyl release of ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH’s nearly-left-behind EP SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU is exciting for sure! Snazzy perks available in the crowdfunding campaign for the long-lost EP include hand-written Aaron Sprinkle lyrics, a commemorative tee, poster, sticker, and test pressings. what’s also exciting is the just finalized, once-in-a-lifetime Subways On The Sun/Aaron Sprinkle/Fair/Rose Blossom Punch reunion show in Seattle (7/27/19)! In celebration of what is coming, the MEANDERS blog is counting down video clips from artists and bands associated with the history of Rose Blossom Punch: Poor Old Lu, Aaron Sprinkle, Subways On The Sun, and Fair.

Be a part of the long-awaited release of SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU at roseblossompunch.com

Purchase Tickets to the 7/27/19 Rose Blossom Punch vinyl release reunion concert featuring Rose Blossom Punch, Fair, Aaron Sprinkle, and Subways On The Sun

TODAY: “Can’t Last Forever,” from Aaron Sprinkle’s 2013 album WATER & GUNS. Aaron Sprinkle will be performing a solo set the night of the ROSE BLOSSOM PUNCH — SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU VINYL RELEASE REUNION SHOW on 7/27 in Seattle. The show will also feature sets by Subways On The Sun, Fair, and Rose Blossom Punch.

10TOGO: Fair’s “Walking In My Sleep (Live)” (2010)

9TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Alright,” (2013)

8TOGO: Poor Old Lu’s “All Pretty For The TV” (1993)

7TOGO: Subways On The Sun’s “Tongues” (2018)

6TOGO: Aaron Sprinkle’s “Invincible” (2017)

5TOGO: Fair’s “Disappearing World” (2010)

4TOGO: Subways On The Sun’s “I Hope You Like Getting Old” (2018)

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