In 1997 Aaron Sprinkle (acclaimed producer and member of Poor Old Lu, Fair, Blank Books, and Luna Wave), Nick Barber (Poor Old Lu, Fair, Subways On The Sun) Paul Mumaw,, and Terry Coggins released the timeless and brooding full length album Ephemere and it caught my full attention. Ephemere came across to me at the time as a planted-flag notice that Rose Blossom Punch had something truly special to offer to listeners. It was three years, though, before I stumbled upon a nearly-stealth online offering of a Rose Blossom Punch EP called SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU that, as great sounding as it was, unfortunately, never received a final mix or a  proper release. But, now, nineteen years later, the master recording has been recovered and is ripe to get the final mix and release that it has long deserved through Latent Records — on vinyl and digital formats with some cool perks to boot! What’s more…there’s even talk of an early-August Seattle vinyl release show(!) and you can get in on it all through the Rose Blossom Punch Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Check it out!

New perk added! [3/4 Update] Now, in addition to the stellar perks that the campaign launched with (including my personal favorite: hand-written lyric sheets from Aaron Sprinkle), you can now also get your name in the liner notes, too. In addition, artwork fro the release poster and band shirt are now featured on the crowdfunding site for the project. Coupled with the Seattle Rose Blossom Punch (with Fair and Aaron Sprinkle opening), this is truly shaping up to be an exciting release, but, time is slipping away to get in on this. Don’t wait!



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