Kevin Max Goes AWOL

For those not already in the know, Kevin Max (DC TALK, Audio Adrenaline, solo) is in the midst of recording a new album that has already gained a strong following, despite the fact that it is only half done! It is a project that continues to solidify Max’s footing on his own ground as a solo artist not content to ride the tide of laurels gained before. Ever-embracing new opportunities to revel in his influences while breaking new ground, AWOL is set to be an amazing album.

From the introduction on Max’s Pledge Campaign page:

This Immediate download features the first 7 tracks written and recorded by Max and his producer Kieran Kelly. The studio players feature iconic bass player Andy Rourke of The Smiths and drummer Matt Johnson of the St. Vincent band, as well as members of the band Passenger. Max states, ‘This album is probably the most anglophile centric album of my career, & is about paying homage to my heroes as well as creating songs that cannot be defined by a genre. The songs range from anthems of non-conformity to gothic romantic tales of adventure.’

Through Pledge Music you can choose from several impressive perk options and get the immediate download of the first seven songs, but, the campaign is nearing completion, so, don’t wait!



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