Everywhere I Go…even Haiti

Last week we picked up my kids from a week-long bible camp that they attended. They both had a great time and talked a lot about a song they’d learned called “Everywhere I Go.” They didn’t know anything about who sang it, but, after a brief search on iTunes, my daughter nailed down the song and the artist who recorded it, Tim Timmons.

I recognized the name and the artist because Tim Timmons was one of the artists emceeing and presenting awards at the 2017 KLOVE Fan Awards/Hands & Feet Project RUN FOR LOVE 5K in Nashville this past spring(a fundraising event that we are usually involved with that supports the mission of The Hands & Feet Project in Haiti).

Anyway, this afternoon, just days away from our family trip to Haiti with The Hands & Feet Project, I was putting together a trip-themed playlist to listen to and decided to include “Everywhere I Go,” mainly because the song is a real favorite of the kids. The fact that Mr. Timmons was actively involved in supporting the Hands & Feet Project at the 5K made the song was just an added bonus! But, as I found myself listening to it more this evening, it dawned on me just how absolutely perfect of a song this really is for the mix.

A trip to any third world country, particularly when taking the whole family, is a situation ripe with opportunities to really lean on faith from the moment the flight leaves the ground to go to Haiti until the plane comes to a final stop on the runway the evening we return. Knowing that God is with us is probably the most valuable realization we can have. Even better, having the opportunity to experience Haiti as a family, intentionally trying to do so through the lens that Jesus asked us to view the world around us through in Matthew 5, is tremendously exciting! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we go with Him to Haiti!

Tim Timmons explains…

The song itself for you to enjoy…


Learn more about The Hands & Feet Project and how you can get involved.


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