3 Days Until Kevin Max’s SERVE SOMEBODY: Looking Back At “Infinite”

Kevin Max’s newest project, SERVE SOMEBODYwill officially be released on July 8th. This is the seventh in a series of MEANDERS MUSIC posts counting down to the release. Prior posts: The Hard Way – Existence – Creed – Playing Games With The Shadow – Kings & Queens Red Letters

Kevin-Max-Infinite-SingleIt seems appropriate that we celebrate the creative pop victory that was Kevin Max’s first post-Audio Adrenaline solo album, BROKEN TEMPLES, and it’s leading single “Infinite,” on the same day that we celebrate our nation’s independence from Britain. Immediately after parting ways with the revamped version of Audio Adrenaline that Max experienced notable success in writing, recording, touring, and promoting the album KINGS & QUEENS (including two tremendously successful radio singles) with, Max assembled a strong collection of songs that, as an album, treads the line between nu wave electronica and pop perfectly.

While the album as a whole is an easy listen, “Good King’s Highway,” “Just As I Am,” and “Clear” stand even taller. But, the appeal of  “Infinite,” much like the steady rhythm that provides the backbone for the song, is steady and strong in terms of arrangement, performance, and lyric. With background vocal support from friends Rachel Lampa and Anthem Lights, Max sings about the love of God, focusing on an aspect of His character that so many of us fail to even entertain: the fact that God is so much great than any definition of greatness that we can conceive of as finite-minded human beings.

Rightly so, the concept of God’s infinite power is one that evangelist Billy Graham repeatedly revisits over the course of his year-long set of devotionals that I completed not long ago. While Graham and Max seem to be on the same page, I’m afraid that a lot of us aren’t. Within the  current American societal context of overly-defined demographics, prejudice, profit and ego-driven politics, the fact that God doesn’t fit neatly within the confines of our human conceptions is too often taken for granted. Musically, the songs of BROKEN TEMPLES stand on their own accord, but, this concept of God’s infinite reach is infinitely important and woefully under-appreciated. Kudos to Billy Graham and Kevin Max for doing their part to bring it to light.


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