Kevin Max’s newest project, SERVE SOMEBODYwill officially be released on July 7th. This is the sixth in a series of MEANDERS MUSIC posts counting down to the release. Prior posts: The Hard Way – Existence – Creed – Playing Games With The Shadow – Kings & Queens



Each of the songs that Kevin Max chose to cover for SERVE SOMEBODY (due 7/7) has a unique and iconic history of it’s own in the minds of listeners. Even so, Kevin Max has found a way to present a fresh perspective on each track while maintaining a reverential respect for spirit of the original composition. “The Red Letters,” however, is unique within this collection because it is the one track that Max had a hand in writing and performing as a member of DC Talk. Even so, Max succeeds in finding a way to provide a new and relevant perspective. From my review of the full SERVE SOMEBODY EP:

Originally performed by DC Talk – This cover seems like a direct descendent of Max’s prior covers album collaboration with Painter, STARRY EYES SURPRISE. Relative to the original version of this song, that Max co-created as a member of DC Talk, this cover reveals a darker landscape. But, the hope of the original version from SUPERNATURAL is still present and, perhaps, even more profound, here, painted against the more weathered background of age and experience.

Max’s updated cover of the DC Talk classic, one that Max considers one of his three favorite DC Talk songs, will be available in just a couple of days for the world to here on SERVE SOMEBODY. In the meantime, enjoy this 2001 performance of the original arrangement from DC Talk’s THE SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE:

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