Kevin Max’s newest project, SERVE SOMEBODYwill officially be released on July 7th. This is the fourth in a series of MEANDERS MUSIC posts counting down to the release. Prior posts: The Hard Way – Existence – Creed

Kevin Max cover art_02016 saw the release of Kevin Max’s PLAYING GAMES WITH THE SHADOW. Produced by John Mark Painter, the album is a formidable collection of songs including “Muzick is Magic!,” “William Blake,” “Election,” and “Panic Button.” Also included was the impressive “The Girl With The Tiger Eyes,” that Max released as the lead single from the album, complete with a stunning video to compliment the narrative struggle that unfolds lyrically. While the song certainly isn’t loaded down with an explicitly clear Christian message like one might expect to hear on Christian radio, “The Girl With The Tiger Eyes,” honestly and transparently articulates the tension between the allure of the world with regard to personal temptation that so many face on a daily basis and the peace and comes from not giving into the attention-hoarding glimmer of the world around us. Max’s inclination toward such honesty and transparency, typically set against a musical backdrop born of equal parts art, style, and creativity, is an endearing quality for many listeners just outside the city gates of accepted faith who’d rather run further away than enter the doors of a Casting Crowns or Matthew West show. “The Girl With The Tiger Eyes,” like the album as a whole, establishes a solid footing of artistic integrity on which the listener is free to either engage in an open dialogue about the reality of choice and consequence or simply enjoy the music itself for the artistic endeavor that it is.  While the demographic of listener that appreciates the music of Kevin Max doesn’t fit neatly under the umbrella of the contemporary Christian music industry, Max has continued to sustain a creative, artistic career ably playing games with the shadown cast upon the ground just beyond the city limits, precisely where Christ has called His followers to go.

servesomebodyHis upcoming release SERVE SOMEBODY, however, strikes a different tone. While still appealing to “those on the outside,” through the inclusion of several songs well-known to the general market, SERVE SOMEBODY gives a clear nod to the notion of overtly  evangelical lyrics of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s that sought to open the minds of listeners without conforming to a formula in order to gain airplay on the radio. It is a must for any fan of Max’s solo work or his work with DC Talk and it will prove to be more than worthwhile for many who are not already familiar with him. Pre-order SERVE SOMEBODY before it is released on July 7th HERE.

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