Kevin Max’s newest project, SERVE SOMEBODYwill officially be released on July 7th. This is the second in a series of MEANDERS MUSIC posts counting down to the release. Prior posts: Day 1: The Hard Way 

2001’s STEREOTYPE BE, Kevin Max’s first solo album, marked a distinctive change of direction, from the safe, tried, and true pop formula that made DC Talk so successful, toward unchartered territory more akin to the eclectic personal tendencies of Max as an artist.  Max’s solo debut, recorded by an astounding studio cast that included Adrian Belew (David Bowie, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails), Tony Levin (John Lennon), and Erick Cole, was daring, experimental, and critically acclaimed in the secular market. But, contemporary Christian music’s embrace of STEREOTYPE BE was measured. In a recent interview Max described the contemporary Christian music industry’s reception of the artistically expressive album in terms of expecting a Thomas Kinkade painting, but, getting a Picasso piece instead. Indeed, as is still evident in the video for STEREOTYPE BE’s lead single, “Existence,” the the artistic integrity of the album is timeless. In fact, STEREOTYPE BE was just recently the focus of a successfully-funded Pledge Music campaign to rerelease the album on vinyl. Likewise, the timeless artistic integrity of Kevin Max, as an artist, continues to pay dividends and is clearly evident on his soon-to-be-realeased EP, SERVE SOMEBODY which you can preorder here.

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