Being the Hands and Feet – A guest commentary on an experience at the Hands & Feet Project

So, I was Googling for articles and news about Haiti, investing in hope there, and the Hands & Feet Project, when I came across this article. It didn’t look like one I’d clicked on before, so, I thought I’d check it out. It didn’t take long after that click, though, to realize that it is the one I helped write a couple years ago with my mission teammate Danny Castagna about our last trip. Ha! 😉


One of our favorite parts of is being able to talk about issues that matter. And one of those issues is poverty. We believe that taking care of the world’s orphans should be something the church should be a part of. And one of the organizations that does that is the Hands & Feet Project. I asked some friends of mine to share a recent experience when they visited the H&F Project this past summer. Please don’t just read this. PLEASE VISIT and support this great cause. You can find all sorts of Christmas gift ideas here all while supporting the H&F Project.


Guest commentary by Danny Castagna

As I sit here trying to process our trip to Haiti….

P7180169 Mark and Dan at Hands & Feet Project

When we first learned of Mark putting together a team to Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project, I looked…

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