Thanksgiving Alphabet (Days 3 and 4)

I started a little late, so, I’m including a couple to help me catch up.
Day 3 – C – I am thankful for my wife’s cooking. We’ve been married for over sixteen years and I can honestly say that it has only gotten better. As a young married couple we started out like many couples do, I’m sure, with some pretty basic meals, but, the old adage that practice makes perfect seems to apply here. The more experienced she gets, the better her food is! Sure, once in a while something plain and simple like hot dogs or tater tots will show up, but, when they do, they’re good. Usually, though, the kids and I are treated to expertly seasoned vegetables, a marinated or seasoned meat, and one of a variety of sides ranging from stuffing to cous cous. I do interrupt Angela’s normal routine every now and then with something from the grill or baked extra-sharp macaroni and cheese (like my dad used to make), but, the kitchen is definitely a place where my wife excels and I am thankful!

My dad (1940-2012) preparing breakfast for guests at the local homeless shelter

Day 4 – D – I’m certainly thankful for my Dad. By simply being who he was – not necessarily by telling me or prodding me – but, by being who he was, my Dad taught me so much. I often tell people, long before my Dad’s end-of-life acceptance of Christ, that he was the best model of how to love your neighbors as yourself. He never talked about it. He just did it. That was the way he lived his life. I don’t know that I’ll ever fill his shoes, but, I am certainly grateful that I was blessed to be able to be raised by the one who did.

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