Music Review: STARRY EYES SURPRISE by Kevin Max

Songs of the night: STARRY EYES SURPRISE by Kevin Max

Kevin Max’s vocal dexterity is well matched by his penchant for playing hopscotch from one musical genre to another. From R&B/hip-hop to alternative, modern rock and radio-friendly pop, Kevin Max has done it all well and with relative ease. It was just a few months ago that he released BROKEN TEMPLES, a critically acclaimed showcase of his personal faith and love of new wave. But, with his new album, he’s focused his attention exclusively on the music and ably delved into the magic of mid-twentieth century speakeasies and Hollywood in a manner that exudes deep reverence for the character of each song while simultaneously flirting with each track’s creative potential. It’s as if Max found a seam in time to sing his way through leaving, intertwined in his wake, a series of revitalized crooning standards (e.g., “Nature Boy”) and lavishly reimagined modern songs of the night (e.g., “Sunglasses At Night”) that are each ready stand on their own and, now, are all collected for the listener’s convenience and pleasure as STARRY EYES SURPRISE. A solid soundtrack for a quiet evening without the kids.

One thought on “Music Review: STARRY EYES SURPRISE by Kevin Max

  1. Kevin Max never ceases to surprise me- reaching, taking the narrow path rather than the larger road as many artists do. He is a man true to God and himself, always willing to take music and make it his as he has done successfully thru the years. Starry Eyes is fresh, smooth, one that will embrace me over and over with his own version on how a song is sung. Moon River is a perfect slow dancer for me, Sunglass at night-what can I say- I’m singing along with him! Nature Boy- you will definitely have to play it over and over! I celebrate Kevin’s ingenuity- One of a kind Singer/Songwriter. He is and always will be artist extraordinaire.
    Starry Eyes – a Must Have !

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