Lost (Free) At Sea

Dampening the impact on aging joints
Strides landing lighter now with a slowed pace
For each footfall I still pray grace anoints
Whilst traces of time stretch upon my face

Transparent to a fault it’s clear to see
My patchwork skeletons to which I cling
The sum of my substance is not of me
Confession of self is all I’ve to bring

With just the reach of the dock from the shore
A standard to measure infinity
Am I to loose this boat from where it is moored
For that which is beyond what I can see

The pull of my nature down relentless
In time with tried and truant devotion
Renders my guilt-weathered soul lost and helpless
But to breathe grace adrift on the ocean

I rise and fall on the sea’s rolling crests
In Your providence my broken soul rests

A song that struck me instantly, the first time I heard it, and that fits this poem – by All Sons & Daughters.

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