What Have I Learned?

What have I learned in life so far? I’ve learned that God is faithful. The route that I’ve walked, run, ridden, stumbled, and crawled upon, is one that, seemingly at times, had no purpose and, certainly, wasn’t pleasant. The metaphorical dark valleys have been pitch black during some seasons while, in others, the sunlit-peaks have been higher and brighter that I ever thought was possible in this life. But, through it all, there has been a vision. It wasn’t my vision, but, His. Even now, I don’t know what the rest of the pilgrim’s journey that lies ahead of me will look like. There could be tragedies and trials ahead that will call every ounce of my faith into question, but, that’s already happened in this life, I’ve come through it, by His grace, and I know where my ultimate fate lies. I know the One who will be there with me as I take every step, always trying to just put one foot in front of the other. I will surely trip and fall at times. I may even be thrown to the ground violently by this world. But, I’m not afraid. He’s with me and, in the end, even more so than it does now, my life will have found its ultimate purpose and I will know joy beyond what my finite brain and my currently earth-bound soul can even imagine.

2 thoughts on “What Have I Learned?

  1. I want you to know how much I appreciate and meditated on your post. To use the phrase “been there, done that” maybe cliché, however I can relate all the way through. Difficult times just loves to hang around me and my house, and at times honestly I’ve struggled not only with my faith, my walk was challenged. Your writing was indeed encouraging as well as comforting. My Mom who went to be w/the Lord at age 44, was a strong woman of God and knew His word. She always said, ‘when you have hard times, Thank Jesus- cause you’re scaring the devil. Bless you, Marcus 😉

    • Thank you, so much, Louise. Your comment means a ton to me. In the past couple of days I’ve read and talked to a couple of different people about the notion that faith is something that involves action and movement. We find it and see it when we’re moving. Likewise, God is not a stagnant, static being. He’s continuing to move and He’s not done with either of us yet. Looking back, I can see how, even when it felt like I was simply being suspended in mid-air with no bearing or hope, I was changing and He was moving. 😉

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