1 Day Until BROKEN TEMPLES – A Kevin Max Countdown Retrospective: “Light Me Up,” “Infinite,” and “Kings & Queens” (acoustic)


Kevin Max’s newest project, BROKEN TEMPLES, will officially be released on March 10. I’ll be counting down the remaining days to the release of the album on this page with a post each day exploring and celebrating, in no particular order, some of his prior creative ventures.

With just one day to go in this Kevin Max countdown retrospective our focus begins to shift from surveying the past to the present and what listeners can look forward to from BROKEN TEMPLES. “Light Me Up” is the second track on the new album that will release officially on Tuesday, March 10, and it brandishes an unapologetically pop tone that emphatically celebrates the dramatic shift that God’s grace can account for once someone realizes and yields to their need for Him as a broken temple that can only be filled and purposed by His compassion and love.

Infinite” celebrates the fact that God is so much bigger than we are. It is a notion we would be wise to keep in mind as we stumble forward through our mistakes and questions about why things happen the way that they do. God’s knowledge, wisdom, providence, and love is not restricted to the confines of a political party, the understanding of scientists, or the mental constructs of men. Likewise, Max has proven with this song that God can be praised and celebrated beautifully in ways that don’t strictly adhere to the formulaic constructs of songs that fill the airwaves of mainstream Christian radio. Every element of God’s character is limitless and peace can only be found in surrendering to that fact and trusting Him. He is a creative God. I’m so thankful for those, like Kevin Max, who continue to creatively chip away at the boundaries of what we think music can be while simultaneously honoring an infinite God with their art.

While its true that I featured “Kings & Queens” once already in this retrospective, I can’t help but to include this clip, too, which features Max, with Audio Adrenaline (including original Audio Adrenaline lead singer and Hands & Feet Project director Mark Stuart on tambourine), as yet another example of the quality of Max’s craft. It is a one-shot, live, acoustic rendition of “Kings & Queens,” a song that is a call for Christians to live up to the mandate of James 1:27 to care for the orphans of the world and Max delivers a flawless vocal performance. His voice is amazing live as well as in the studio and his new album BROKEN TEMPLES continues to deliver unparalleled vocal performances in combination with poetic lyrics that offer a greater combination of hope and beauty to the listener that can be found anywhere else in the music world.

Stream the new album BROKEN TEMPLES at New Release Tuesday

BROKEN TEMPLES by Kevin Max - coming March 2015

Read my personal explanation about why the music and poetry of Kevin Max has been so important to me.


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