2 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES – A Kevin Max Countdown Retrospective: The Poetry of Kevin Max and “Cave Of A Million Songs”


Kevin Max’s newest project, BROKEN TEMPLES, will officially be released on March 10. I’ll be counting down the remaining days to the release of the album on this page with a post each day exploring and celebrating, in no particular order, some of his prior creative ventures.

Focusing only on the music of Kevin Max, within the context of this retrospective, without giving a nod to his writing is like focusing only on Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings without acknowledging his scientific genius. It’s fair to say that my life has been influenced by his poetry at least as much as his music and I’m sure I’m not alone. Max has published multiple collections of poetry over the years including At The Foot Of Heaven (1994) and PO.ET.RY (2005), an autobiography titled Unfinished Work (2001), and Fiefdom of Angels (2012), an epic fantasy fiction novel. His knack for poetry hasn’t just been contained to print, though. His skills as a craftsman of words have had a significant impact on the lyrics to his songs, too. His contribution to the 2014 soundtrack for the Praise & Arrows book series and upcoming movie, “Cave Of A Million Songs,” is a sound example of well-crafted lyrics birthed by the mind of a poet. In fact, the sound and the lyrics of the song provide a hint of what you can expect as Max continues to exhibit his craftsmanship as a songwriter on the upcoming album BROKEN TEMPLES which will officially be released on March 10, 2015.

Stream the new album BROKEN TEMPLES at New Release Tuesday

BROKEN TEMPLES by Kevin Max - coming March 2015

Read my personal explanation about why I feel the way I do about the music and poetry of Kevin Max.


3 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Believer”

4 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Get On Yer Bike”

5 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Consume Me” & “Save Me”

6 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “21st Century Darlings”

7 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Just Between You And Me”

8 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Kings & Queens”

9 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “When He Returns”

10 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Day By Day”

11 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Existence”

12 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Alas My Love/The Hard Way”

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