5 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: A Kevin Max Countdown Retrospective: “Consume Me” & “Save Me”

Kevin Max’s newest project, BROKEN TEMPLES, will officially be released on March 10. I’ll be counting down the remaining days to the release of the album on this page with a post each day exploring and celebrating, in no particular order, some of his prior creative ventures.


Stream the new album BROKEN TEMPLES at New Release Tuesday

It was my intent to provide a balanced survey of the impressive back catalog of Kevin Max. With such a strong body of material such as Max’s, I didn’t really want to include more than the one cover in addition to the one I already featured (“When He Returns”), but, I’m finding it difficult not to sneak his amazing cover of Queen’s “Save Me” in along with dcTalk’s 1998 single “Consume Me.” Side by side, the two tracks showcase the critical element that Max’s voice brought, in combination with those of Toby McKeehan (TobyMac) and Michael Tait (Newsboys), to the sound and success of dcTalk, and, also, the deft control of the powerful instrument that Max continues to skillfully employ on his forthcoming album BROKEN TEMPLES. The same sound and energy that helped to debut dcTalk’s SUPERNATURAL higher than any other Christian album ever before (No. 4 on the Billboard 200) is still blazing new trails with his newest release. But, along with that same voice, the songs on BROKEN TEMPLES carry the sincere substance of hope and grace that could only be delivered by somebody who has had to go on a life’s journey find it.


Join Kevin Max on NRT Live on release day, Tuesday, March 10 at 6PM PST/9PM EST

Read about what I get out of the music and poetry of Kevin Max and check out how you can get a digital download of the new project BROKEN TEMPLES (with two bonus tracks!) before the official March 10 release!




6 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “21st Century Darlings”

7 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Just Between You And Me”

8 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Kings & Queens”

9 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “When He Returns”

10 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Day By Day”

11 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Existence”

12 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: “Alas My Love/The Hard Way”

3 thoughts on “5 Days Until BROKEN TEMPLES: A Kevin Max Countdown Retrospective: “Consume Me” & “Save Me”

    • It’s my pleasure! I’m happy that you’re reading them. 🙂 Kevin Max’s work deserves a larger audience. So many need to hear the message on this album. We all screw up and there is grace. So often, it takes us realizing how broken we are to realize just how much we need and how valuable God’s grace is.

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