Roots, Kevin Max, and Broken Temples (Guest Post by Danny Castagna)

A word from my friend Danny Castagna about the music and impact of Kevin Max on his life:

The sudden death of my amazing friend Nancy on New Year’s Day really shook me to my core. Never have I experience such brokenness. It was gut-wrenching. So I put on the radio (which I never do because it all sounds the same) and Kevin’s voice came on singing “Gods Not Dead.” I needed to hear those lyrics:

“Let love explode and bring the dead to life. A love so bold to bring a revolution somehow…Let hope arise and make the darkness hide… MY FAITH is dead, I need a resurrection somehow…Let heaven roar, and fire fall. Come shake the ground with sound of revival.”

I also needed to hear Kevin Max and Michael Tait singing together again. Tait and Max were part of dctalk. As a teenager, I had BROKEN TEMPLES by Kevin Max - coming March 2015learned so much from DCT. That’s why the song sounded so familiar to me. God knew I need something to bring me back to my roots and remind me again. Remind me of things He had showed me when I was a teenager. Remind me of the promises that He has made. That when life sucks and we begin to question what He is doing. I forgot. I forgot those promises. I had forgotten that first love. It was in this dark moment I needed that reminder.

Its Kevin’s music (both DCT/AA and solo) that helped me remember Gods promises. Its Kevin’s music that pushes me to be a better Christian-to love like Jesus, to be a beggar at the door of God’s Mercy, to be a ragamuffin, to look to Jesus for answers. I cannot do this on my own. It’s ok to be vulnerable.

My life is His- “It’s Yours to burn your brand;” “go a head and a change my name.” “I’m just a Jesus Freak.” But I must listen to His voice. I have to listen. “Only in the silence…do you speak clear to me.” Kevin’s music also reminds me that we can have fun as Christians, not to take ourselves so seriously. Because we will stumble and fall. It amazes me that God used Kevin in a Newsboys song to bring me back into the center of His will.
-Danny Castagna

Kevin Max (of dcTalk and Audio Adrenaline) has a Pledge campaign up to support the upcoming release of his independent project titled BROKEN TEMPLES. What he’s released, so far, has been amazing and, for those interested in pre-ordering a copy of the album, there are some amazing incentives available on the Pledge campaign page for BROKEN TEMPLES.

To read the previously posted explanation of the impact the music of Mr. Max had on me (MEANDERS site admin), see Providence In The Shadow And A Pledge Of Allegiance To The Music And Poetry Of Kevin Ma

2 thoughts on “Roots, Kevin Max, and Broken Temples (Guest Post by Danny Castagna)

  1. Very sorry to hear about your painful loss . . . praise God for the creative ways He uses His people to help comfort, remind and redirect. Thank you for sharing.

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