Talking with Kevin Max

I’m truly looking forward to this release! Check it out…


It’s been a decade and a half since Kevin Max worked with dc Talk. Following the “intermission”, Kevin released a handful of solo records. In 2012, Kevin Max was apart of the Audio Adrenaline reboot that released “Kings & Queens”. After several successful singles, Audio A and Kevin Max announced they had mutually parted ways. Kevin’s first record since his reemergence as a solo artist, “Broken Temples”, comes out soon (pre-order is available December 9th). Kevin and I recently talked about his career, the new record, the state of CCM music today, and (of course) dc Talk.


Gabe: How refreshing has the last 2 or 3 years of your career been?

Kevin: Refreshing is an interesting word.  I think in some ways it has been refreshing and in others it has been challenging and I would say even stressful.  But in an all encompassing way, that is just the way of…

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