Be Independent

If you’re a friend of mine, you likely know how passionate I’ve become, just over the past two years, about the people of Haiti and the work that The Hands & Feet Project, and other organizations, do to address the deep and desperate need that exists there in the poorest country on the western half of the globe. But, let not my passion for the people of Haiti diminish my appreciation for where I live and the generations of leaders and soldiers that have maintained the freedom that I enjoy today.

Going back to the colonists who were tired of taxation without representation and the government leaders that guided Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the Declaration of Independence, to declare to Britian the colonists’ rationale for taking a new direction, it is evident the only time the world changes is when somebody gets up and acts. I consider this at a time when the biblical notion that God expects those who he’s blessed greatly to extend their blessings in service to others has been weighing heavily on me.

So, on this 238th Independence Day, it is due to a combination of my gratitude for those who’ve played a role in making and keeping the United States of America free and independent and my recognition that I’ve been greatly blessed in my life that I will celebrate this day and extend my wishes for you to do the same. But, I will also recommit myself, today, to not look away when the needs of those around me, here in America, in Haiti, or elsewhere, are so evident and I will ask you, too, to not wait around for somebody else to address their needs. Be independent. Get up and do something about it. Happy Independence day.

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