Fiefdom Of Angels – A Novel By Kevin Max

Fiefdom of Angels, the new novel by Kevin Max is a journey unlike any other in so many ways. Born out of the mind of the man who owns one of the most iconic voices of Christian music, the novel delves into a topic of which very little has been explored and does so in a manner that turns the notion we typically associate with angels – harp-bearing choir singers or cute and plump winged-cherubim – completely on it’s head.

Fiefdom Of Angels by Kevin Max

In a narrative that would seem to fit best in the fantasy genre, Max presents a detailed, fictional account (with a great deal of admitted-poetic license) of the fall of Lucifer.

While the biblical narrative is one that, traditionally, is set thousands and maybe millions of years ago, the setting in Fiefdom of Angels takes on an almost futuristic air by incorporating elaborate elements of architecture and technology that the reader might not typically associate with the traditional concept of heaven. In fact, it was this fabric of the story that really grabbed my attention and engaged my imagination.

The intricately developed social culture of angels that Max lays out over the course of the story, in a setting of landscapes that are, at times, as unsettling as they are beautiful, is, to say the least, impressive. Keeping in mind the fact that the book is a fictional account, I found myself inspired by the possibilities of just how much more impressive heaven may really be in comparison to the expectations I’d developed growing up. The landscape Max paints of the possibilities is amazing.

Regardless of the realm that most will associate the name Kevin Max with, don’t expect to see FIEFDOM OF ANGELS on the bookshelf in your local Christian bookstore. The lengths that Max goes to describe the intricate beauty of heaven are matched by the depths to which the reader is taken within the author’s conceptualization of Lucifer’s lair, the place from which he plots his coup of heaven. I found some of the actions of Lucifer and his co-conspirators absolutely repulsive, but, it is my contention that such details were included for the sake of presenting evil for what it is in contrast to the beauty that exists apart from it.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to a pre-teen. But, for more mature science-fiction, fantasy, and adventure fans, Fiefdom of Angels is well worth the read. Kevin Max, a man who has never played it safe in terms of his music or poetry, took on a massive challenge in exploring and experimenting creatively with the topic of angels to the degree that he did in Fiefdom of Angels and I believe the end product was well worth it.

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