“The Christian life is a life characterized by true and spontaneous creativity. Consequently, a disciple is subject to the same charge that was leveled against Jesus Christ, namely, the charge of inconsistency. But Jesus Christ was always consistent in His relationship to God, and a Christian must be consistent in his relationship to the life of the Son of God in him, not consistent to strict, unyielding doctrines. People pour themselves into their own doctrines, and God has to blast them out of their preconceived ideas before they can become devoted to Jesus Christ.”

-Oswald Chambers

Consistency is certainly a problem for me. I used to ride to school with a friend who had an AMC Eagle and she complained about how if you let off the accelerator just a bit, even on a downward slope, the car would bog down to a halt. My life is a lot like that car. I find, at times, that inspiration, faith, and spirit is burning brightly in my life, but, given the opportunity for a distraction, I lose all focus and momentum. This post isn’t one in which I share a lesson I’ve learned because, the truth is, I’m still trying to figure this out. By God’s good grace, I pray that I will.

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