I refer to the notion of a spectrum often as a representation of variations of some original or unifying element. In a nutshell, there is often the good, the bad, and everything in between. Or, it might not be a question of good and bad, but, instead, merely a survey of the colors of the rainbow. But, here, this evening, I’m thinking of a spectrum that encompasses the darkest, hardest times that I experienced in the midst of my Dad’s decline and eventual passing due to brain cancer, as well as extremely bright moments that have surfaced since. There are people all around me who, at times, have walked along with me carrying a portion of my load. There are others who have offered a word of encouragement or a prayer. Then there are some who have, much like Jesus, completely lifted the load off of my back and replaced it with the far lighter weight of hope. It is a load that, I’m learning, will continue to be an encouragement for me as long as I trust the source of the light in this spectrum of my life and continue to take each step with Him as He moves.

When I read a particular e-mail from Hands and Feet Project director Mark Stuart saying that they wanted to honor my Dad by naming the kitchen after him in the new home being built for older boys at their Haitian orphan care location in Grand Goave, Haiti, it was a life-changing watershed moment. The darkness of mourning was peeled back to reveal sunshine-bright rays of hope and the hollow feeling of hopelessness and loss was replaced by meaning and purpose. At that moment, precisely, color started to saturate my life’s canvas again, but, to a greater degree than it ever had before. At that moment, my Dad’s legacy was transformed from the dark agony that he suffered through at the end of his life into a ray of hope shining through the windows of a place known as “Grandpa Rockwell’s Kitchen” in Haiti. From a room bearing his name, children will receive their daily meals and nourishment for years to come.

The Hands and Feet Project changed my life with one overwhelmingly gracious gesture. This is significant considering the fact that the consolation of mourning sons who’ve lost their fathers isn’t even the focus of the work they do. So, imagine just how much more of a significant impact they have on each and every child’s life that enters the safe walls of their Hands And Feet Children’s Villages in Haiti, leaving behind the hopelessness, hunger, malnutrition, fear, and despair that they were born into.

When the orphaned and abandoned children of Haiti are taken in by The Hands and Feet Project they are literally walking away from death and into life. Unfortunately, however, The Hands And Feet Project is now at full capacity with 100 children living full-time in their two Children’s Villages. The Hands And Feet Project needs your help to raise the funds to build two new buildings in order to expand and be able to take care of more children who’ve been abandoned or orphaned.

This is their life story and your support will play a critical roll in allowing hope to shine on it. It will mean absolutely everything to them.

This is my Dad’s story, too. His memory will now live on with The Hands And Feet Project and in the daily lives of these kids.

This is my life story, too. I’ve been graciously blessed and I will stand by these children. I’m asking you to stand up with me.



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