Audio Adrenaline Resonates With KINGS & QUEENS (music review)

KINGS & QUEENS Audio Adrenaline Out 3/12/13

KINGS & QUEENS is a delicious first offering from the remixed line-up of Audio Adrenaline. At once it is a respectful nod to the legacy of Audio Adrenaline with light, pop ringers like “He Moves, You Move,” and “King Of The Comebacks,” but, also, a bold step forward breaking new ground for the band with songs such as “The Answer,” and “Seeker.” Both tracks are delivered skillfully by Dave Ghazarian (guitar), Jared Byers (drums), Jason Walker (keyboard) and original Audio Adrenaline member Will McGinniss, in an arrangement with a vibe that fits new lead singer Kevin Max like a tailored Italian suit. While the album as a whole is well done, “20:17 (Raise The Banner),” and “I Climb The Mountain,” passionately communicate hope and inspiration in a manner that is sure to resonate with many listeners. The lead single “Kings & Queens” is currently rising through the top ten on the Billboard Christian Songs chart and rightfully so. It raises a flag of hope and awareness for the orphaned and once abandoned children in Haiti that are now being served, fed, sheltered, and educated through the Hands & Feet Project, an organization founded by Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss in 2004. In fact, the entire Audio Adrenaline relaunch is an integral part of The Hands & Feet Project’s effort to raise the awareness and support necessary to expand so that they can care for more children in Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, where the need for such care is so desperately critical. Put together cooperatively by original singer Mark Stuart, original bass player Will McGinniss, and the rest of the 2013 Audio Adrenaline line-up, this project delivers cleanly on a musical level and definitely has the potential to deliver on a humanitarian level for the orphans of Haiti through The Hands & Feet Project. Those two factors alone make this one of the most important albums to pay attention to in a long time. The legacy of Audio Adrenaline is alive, well, and moving forward.

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