I wrote the following poem about a month ago with a very clear and personal interpretation taking shape as I typed each word and to me that very personal narrative is still very strong. It is one of hope and grace and motion. Now, though, I have the privilege of watching those same notions materialize in other places and in the lives of other people around me. I’d like to dedicate this poem to a friend who continues to inspire me on multiple levels as his life continues to unfold as an amazing and very tangible testament to God’s grace and the wonderful way in which my Abba has chosen to weave it through the stories of those who leave themselves open to His hope.

The call resounding
An echo returning
The claim He staked on me
Catacombs filling within
Even their walls soon yielding
To the lightless’ unbinding
His grace like the sea
A rolling tide within
Destroying my frailties
The resentment
The fear
The jealousy
My measured love
To be more
To be His

for K

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