The place where I stand has left me no room

To lie down in peace and understanding

The desperate lurch that I undertook

Toward the opened window

For air to breathe

Left me clinging to this cold precipice

Upon an unforgiving narrow ledge


On the ground far below me I can see

Lingering traces of his legacy

And what little sense of balance I had

On a gurney being rolled out the door

To be placed in a hearse and driven away

By silver-tongued thieves dressed as morticians

With pre-printed sympathy cards in hand


Were I to inch back toward the window

I’d know not how to maneuver in through

To a peaceful place that exists no more

So I will be perched here weathering winds

That come and leave without substance to spare

All the time praying that these ghosts of mine

Will not steal from those that I love down there

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