For Your Benefit: BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT by Josh Harmony – free download available 6/5/12

For those of you who are familiar with this blog, you know that the music of Josh Harmony has played a significant role in my life over the past year or so (see earlier Harmony-related posts). I was graciously introduced to his music by the ever-accomplished Erick Cole (who collaborates with Josh on a good deal of his music) a year or two ago and, since that time, have gradually become more and more appreciative of the distinctive and sincere approach that Josh Harmony takes in making music. It wasn’t until much later on that I found out that Josh Harmony is actually already a well-respected name in the skateboard world (see some great shots of him in action, an interview clip, and a music clip here). Anyways, my main point of this post is that Josh’s first full-length album, BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, will be available for free download from his site starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/5/12 for a limited time. You owe it to yourself to check it out. Your typical run-of-the-mill-sausage-product music download, BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT is not. In the meantime, check out two songs already released by Josh via You Tube:

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