Timeline Implosion

According to U2, “time is irrelevant, its not linear…” I love that line because it reminds me of the notion that I know I’ve read repeatedly in the writings of C.S. Lewis (though I don’t have any of his quotes at hand to share at the moment). I came across another quote which, while it was applied in a particular context, relates, I believe, quite well to the greater life experience:

Therefore Jesus told them, “The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right.” -John 7:6

I have many regrets and many opportunities in my life have been wasted. I’ve invested my heart and my mind in the wrong things far too often and, subsequently, I’ve left many tears and much damage in my wake. This morning I am most thankful that, while God sees my distant past just as clearly as my ultimate future, he covers all parts with the same sufficient grace. He knows that I can’t make it on my own and will continue loving me far beyond the time that it takes me to finally learn and subsequently apply, by his grace, his wisdom.

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