Reflecting on R.E.M.’s Summer Album REVEAL

R.E.M. released REVEAL in 2001 lush with a delectable blend of acoustic and electronic, guitar, and drum machine. While critically acclaimed it didn’t sell as well as other members of the R.E.M. library and, subsequently, remains an underrated album. But, that’s just it. It’s strength lies in its cohesiveness in theme, lyric, texture, and tone as an album. Since its release in 2001 it has been a constant companion amidst a slew of albums that have floated in and then back out of rotation by various artists and bands. I’ve created a site devoted to the album complete with video links, published album reviews, REVEAL-era artwork and photos, and lyrics (lyric page still under construction). Also included is an exclusive reflection from part-time R.E.M. extended-band member Ken Stringfellow (The Posies and The Disciplines) about his experiences taking part in the making of REVEAL. Why not check it out?

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on R.E.M.’s Summer Album REVEAL

  1. Wow, you are a true R.E.M. fan. I remember seeing them back in the days of the late 80s at a small theater in Louisville, KY. Back when I still smoked. I sat in the balcony and lit up while listening to their inspiring tunes. I’m not sure those were good old days, but the music was great.

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