My Love And Life Exists Wholly In You (A Tenth Anniversary Poem For My Wife)

Over the surface of this earth we’ve traversed
Amidst waters flowing uncontrolled around
Swelling at times above our knees with enough
Force to cause anyone else to lose footing

But for your love that is grace and your value
Immeasurable, I would lay as shrapnel
But for your beauty that is godly and your
Sense that is sound, I would be a blind beggar

Your blessed partnership through this decade bound
Undergirded by a selfless strength that sings
Scores this climactic scene like a symphony
Breathing through life happily ever after

Leaving us to ponder the worth of this day
As a numerical marker irrelevant to eternity
A lone flower paling next to God’s glory
A decade serves as only the beginning
Of what is yet to come

June 24, 2010

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