Obama on Abortion and Gay Marraige

A post on Christian author Don Miller’s blog about Obama’s stance on abortion and gay marraige. Miller is apparently travelling with the Obama campaign. The points Miller makes here have a lot to do with my own decision to turn my back on McCain’s “pro-life” stance.


5 thoughts on “Obama on Abortion and Gay Marraige

  1. So, because you believe that McCain can’t succeed you’ll vote for a man who approves of the 500K unborn who are killed in the US every year? When did it become that morality only matters when you have the odds of success in your favor? I don’t understand.

  2. Don Miller feels the way I do. The republicans have “talked” about abortion for ages but have done nothing. I left the party and joined the dems because I am also against the death penalty and am an anti-war combat vet. I believe those are legitimate pro-life, pro-christian stances also. Thanks for the post.

  3. Yes, because McCain’s view is highly only political with no upside, I am going to vote for the candidate that HAS said he would work to reduce the number of abortions. I’ll admit that it took me some time and contemplation to come to this point, but, the significantly superior stances that Obama has taken on every other issue, in combination with the chance for actually reducing abortions (as opposed to more Republican lip service on the issue with poor results), has sealed the deal for me. Jesus also had a serious lack of respect for the pharisees that said great things, but, failed to live out their words.

  4. stophate,

    I won’t deny that that there’s a LOT more to believing in the sanctity of life than abortion. I’m a combat vet myself and have enough memories I wouldn’t wish on another to pray for war’s end.

  5. can’t you SUPPORT your troops who are fighting for you in Iraq? They’re fighting for a mission they believe in. I’m sure they’d love to have their country right behind them all the way.
    God bless America.
    No matter who you vote for it’s all in His hands…

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