A Brief Reccomendation: The Jesus Storybook Bible

My wife, daughter, and I have read bible stories and prayed together as a nightly routine for a few years now. For most of that time we have read and re-read a children’s illustrated bible that, while it wasn’t perfect, it did the job, so to speak.

For my daughter’s birthday in June we bought her a new children’s bible and it has blown me away at how good it is night after night (we typically read one story per night) from the manner of storytelling to the fantastic illustrations. As a whole, the bible does a great job of focusing the readers attention on Jesus from old testament stories through the back cover.

I highly recommend anyone who has children to purchase this book and read it daily with your child. Your child will benefit and you will likely better understand and appreciate the overall purpose of God and your relationship with Him.

The following link is to the author’s page which features links to various reviews and on-line retailers: http://sallylloyd-jones.com/JSBB.html

5 thoughts on “A Brief Reccomendation: The Jesus Storybook Bible

  1. Hi

    I’m the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible and I came across your blog via a google alert thing and thought I’d stop by and say Hi.

    Thanks for your review–I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. It’s God’s Wonderful Story–and i’m so honored to have a part in retelling it for children.

    Anyway, my best to you! I really enjoy your blog–and that CS Lewis quote. WOW.


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