Don’t Go To Church To Find God

God is not found in a church. The great I AM is too big for a building, a bureaucratic hierarchy, or a denominational stance.

Audible words are not necessary. God knows your heart whether you know it or not. Stop trying to look at others to find God.

We will never be satisfied if we hope to find meaning in a building. We will never find peace like a river by watching the walk of another person.

Instead, find it in your soul right now by taking off your masks and asking God for it. Grab the grace. It is unearned. It is free. It is available. Live in peace.

[originally posted in this blog in March 2007]

2 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Church To Find God

  1. This hits home right now. I feel so wandered lost right now. I pray I read I talk about my savior I listen to uplifting Christian music. I’ve known of Jesus my whole life. I’ve asked Jesus into my life at the age of 8 and now at almost 40 I feel Lost. Not that he has kicked me out or forgotten me but that I am stuck looking through the wrong window. Your posts and poetry really touch my soul. Thanks for being transparent!

  2. You are right. Either God’s Spirit is in us all the time or He isn’t in our lives at all. God doesn’t keep appointments; He expects us to make them!

    We find God through selflessness. Only when we are humble enough to stop wanting everything our way does church make sense. I love where I go to worship, because even though the people are flawed they love one another. True, there are tares amongst the wheat there, too. But, when I see people go out of their way to study with a new Christian who has questions, pray with and visit someone who can’t come to worship, and send meals to people whom they don’t even know, I know they do these things out of love. Acts of love are often acts of inconvenience. That’s what proves love, when we have to deny ourselves to fulfill the will of Christ.

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