Like An Animal

Where is the humility that I used to be able to drape myself in before facing each day? It seems that, before, there was a greater sense of perspective. It was from the vantage point of someone who realized his own helplessness in, the darkness of his own sin, and was truly grateful for the unmerited grace of God. Abba, please forgive me for failing, each day, to put others before myself, and especially, for not living a life that gives you even an ounce of the glory that you deserve. My body at times feels like an empty case and my soul is just as light, able to be blown this way and that by the cold, changing winds of this life. It is a soul divided. Please, Father, Jesus Christ, water the portion that is yours and help me to starve the rest. The ignorant fool that I am sniffs the ground like an animal, begging for distraction, when what I really need is to look to you.

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