Thaw My Despondent Breath

Abba, Jesus
You know me
What inspires me
What ensnares me
What I battle against when I’m caught in the ebb and flow
Please sweep me up and this wreck
By your grace and wisdom
To where I don’t see a boundary between self and other
To where You always come before I
Teach me to be first concerned with glorifying you
And second with denying myself

One thought on “Thaw My Despondent Breath

  1. Moving. Authintic. Real. My poetry is different, and by that I mean probably not as good, but it you want to check it out you can read it at my blog “An Uncommon Grace”. Here is the link:

    RESPONSE: I’ll be glad to check it out sometime soon. Thanks for coming by and reading mine and, also, for the kind, yet possibly unmerited, comment.

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