Confidence In Life

It was just prior to the time that Jesus became alive again that he suffered the most physical abuse and torture. Such suffering came after several years of living on meager means and being confronted by criticism and resistance at every turn. All of this, together with the best days that Jesus experienced as a human, must have made him shiver in cold comparison to the divine existence that he gave up in order to be able to make this sacrifice.

Yet, he persisted in the hope of his vindication and in the interest of all of us who can’t help, but, to fail in our quest toward righteous life. He knew the stakes involved and he knew then, as he does now, what the end will look like for human civilization as we know it.

Our trust in Him and our hope in His promise of what is yet to come is what we have to sustain us. It is our hope for something that we do not yet have, but, that we look for. It is the house in which my soul finds rest and it is a home that was built by infinite and divine, all-knowing love. It is love that I can’t comprehend or exhibit.

Regardless of the distractions that compete in the quest to turn my head away from the goal and hope that is before me, as long as my hand remains firmly in His as I walk, I can have confidence in life.

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