Go Cheap

Poor Old Lu is one of my favorite bands of all time. Within the context of music, their run through the nineties was a rare blend of legitimately skilled, creative musicianship and a Christian lyrical perspective. The band released their last titled The Waiting Room a few years ago and since, disbanded in favor of other creative opportunities (e.g., the band Fair).

By far, the Poor Old Lu song that left the biggest impression on me was, “Speak Soft,” which was a cover of The Swoon’s original version. It hit me hard because it so articulately describes the struggle I was going through in the mid ’90’s. It continues to resonate with me today because, while I’ve sought and found peace, so many (including friends and family that I love dearly) have not.

Its difficult to effectively convey peace-laden satisfaction to someone who prefers to quarantine themself from the possibility of such a concept. Instead, they rely on a long list of well-recited defense mechanisms that prevent them from getting their feet wet, getting their hands dirty, and living abundantly.

Jerry had some beers and started to sing
he knows just what he means he don’t mean a thing
he waited for the wisdom years would bring, to him
on the refrigerator door
are the words he had written moments before
it says ‘i hope i never have to go to war’
speak soft, baby don’t you talk to me
he goes to the dance and falls in love
years later it’s still her he’s thinking of
she never spoke once or even looked up, enough
speak soft, baby don’t you talk to me
Houdini closed himself inside of a box
he didn’t have a trick to spring the lock
off the stage the people watched, the clock
prison could be a nice place to live
the bars on the window like bars on a crib
freedom is the least desired gift, to give
speak soft, baby don’t you talk to me
Jerry had some beers and started to weep
it’s time to turn away, it’s his time to sleep
don’t trouble yourself with seeking peace, go cheap

“Speak Soft” from the EP Straight Six by Poor Old Lu

3 thoughts on “Go Cheap

  1. I had to look up the lyrics to that song, since it wasn’t on the POL CD. It took me a while to understand it, even now, I am not sure that I truly get what they were trying to get accross.

  2. This song, the way I interpret it, is all about making the decision to live abundantly by accepting Christ’s grace and love – as opposed to choosing to go with out…to go cheap. Whenever sin surfaces in my life I always end up feeling more “cheap.” Its the difference between lying down at the end of the day at peace with God and ending your day knowing that you lived for yourself and not for Him. THANKS for your comment!

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